World's Easiest Productivity Hack


The easiest productivity hack

While listening to Tim Ferriss' awesome podcast on self-optimization, The Tim Ferriss Show, I learned the easiest productivity hack that will save you hours over the course of the week. Best of all, it only takes two minutes to implement the hack and it's so easy a grandma can do it:


Noah Kagan, the founder of the every entrepreneur's best friend AppSumo, and a growth hacking guru, was featured on the latest episode of Tim's podcast and offered many of his unique productivity tips to the 4-hour fanbase. Noah was the #30 employee at Facebook (who was eventually fired and missed out on a $170 million fortune), director of marketing at, and founder of KickFlip.  Along with a myriad of other hacks, speeding up your mouse/trackpad really stood out, because it's extremely easy to implement and it makes sense.

The World's Easiest.png

If you need to get from point A to point B as fast as possible, would you rather walk or teleport there? 

Warning: I will punch you in the neck if you say walk.

How to change the settings

Go to Systems Preferences > Mouse or Trackpad > Change the tracking speed to the second highest notch. That's it. If you're a gangster, turn that baby up to full speed. You will notice a massive difference in speed from the computer's original setting. The sensitivity takes a couple of minutes to get used to, but you will in no time realize how beneficial it is to fly across your screen like the Flash.

Ah, the memories playing hours of shotty snipers into the wee hours of the morning. 

Ah, the memories playing hours of shotty snipers into the wee hours of the morning. 

If you ever played Halo back in the day, you absolutely had to crank up your joystick sensitivity to keep up with all the other nerds out there. Speed kills. The mouse hack has the same principle.

Further reading

I 100% recommend that you check out this Tim Ferriss blog post which features and summarizes the podcast with Noah. I already listened to the episode twice and will be back for more. It is a fantastic resource for discovering life/productivity hacks and learning some neat marketing tricks from a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Alright Anomaly Army, speed up those mouses and get to clicking!