Christ in Limbo Bosch



I fear Joe is wrong, 

My journey on this yellow brick road doesn’t lead home.

His monomyth will swallow me whole where I subside

A false prophet in the belly of a beast,

Projecting bullshit to little people 

Trapped in a city of emerald green.


I fear chaos,

Order is a much safer space.

Truths are buried under peer pressure to assimilate.

Logos is too weak for postmodern power games.

A place where nothing reigns supreme.

Ubermensch is dead. Chaos is queen.


I fear her. 

I feel her cold-blooded stare.

Like every common man before me,

I freeze before the journey begins.

Where are the gods when you need them?

Fuck it, I'll serve Versace instead. 

- V